February 1, 2015

More Christmas Oven Mitts

Catching up with Christmas now that I have a few pressing quilt projects finished, here are the oven mitts I made for my daughter, Hannah, her BFF, Dani, and Dani's Mom, who had us over to her place over Christmas.

Dani's Mom has a love affair with all things Paris, just as Patio and I do. These are for her.

Dani and Hannah, who loved their recent trip to Jamaica and who both remind me of my inner-hippy, needed these oven mitts.

Here they are modeling them.

And here is their friend, Ben, showing off his Christmas pie while wearing Hannah's oven mitts. We had such a wonderful Christmas in Vancouver with Hannah and her many friends. We missed having Luke, our son, with us but he was on a beach in Bali at the time. I can hardly wish him away from that.

I must say, I wanted to make myself and Luke some oven mitts, too, but damn, they are hard on my machine. All those layers really challenged my machine! I broke a few needles, too. I won't make the other oven mitts until just before I'm ready to take my machine in for a servicing.


  1. Great oven mitts! And that pie is pretty impressive too!

  2. Amazing. How can i purchase a pair of the peace oven mitts??