February 1, 2015

A Rainbow Dresden for Sheila's Traveling Quilt

I love this traveling quilt project that's happening with our Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild.

I'm a little late finishing my addition to Sheila's traveling quilt. I was supposed to have it done for last Sunday but instead of machine appliquéing it as I planned, I decided to do it by hand, which takes a lot longer. I'm glad I did, though. I think it's pretty sweet!

I chose to make a dresden plate because I recall Sheila comment, at the last Saskatoon Quilt Guild show, "I can never resist a dresden". So here's a dresden just for her. It's the first full dresden I've ever made. I made a couple of wee half dresdens to put on some mug rugs. 

The inner circle is a happy afterthought. I didn't line up it up to to be exactly opposite the outer one. I just placed it where I liked it best. I left enough fabric around the dresden so it can be trimmed a bit if needed for fitting it to the rest of the blocks.

I used the E-Z Dresden Ruler for this. For the outer ring, I cut fabric bits 4 inches in length and then lined it up with the 2" to 6" section of the ruler. The inner ring pieces are cut to 2 inches and then lined up with the bottom of the ruler and the 2" mark. I think the inner ring is 6" across. I didn't measure the outer ring but I left ample background fabric (20" square) so it can be trimmed down a bit if necessary.

I hope Sheila likes it. Sheila blogs at Stitched by Sheila. I love her style.

Here are the other pieces to which my block will be added.  

And a few process photos. Much pinning was done to keep things stable for the hand work. 

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  1. I LOVE this Dresden Heather! The rainbow floating inside and out is just perfect!