I've been dreaming about making quilts for about 30 years. During that time, I have admired quilts, read about them, studied them, studied techniques, and amassed books and magazines. Between work and kids and the busy life that comes with those, I was never able to devote any time to actually MAKING quilts. Until now. I had planned to wait until I retire to start quilting but have since decided that life is too short to put off something I feel so passionate about. My Mom, who is a skilled seamstress helped me with Josh and Noelene's Wedding Quilt (see below). I chose the pattern and fabrics, did all the cutting, a lot of marking and pressing and all the hand applique. Mom did all the machine sewing. I was terrified of machine sewing and, besides, I had a totally crap machine. I would challenge anyone to try making a quilt on that thing. I know. I've tried. After that quilt, I knew it was time to let go my training wheels and go solo. Look Ma, NO HANDS! A friend sold me her old Pfaff Tipmatic, which has made all the difference, and I've finally started making quilts ... all by myself!

I'll post my quilting finishes and works in progress here.  

QUILT FINISHES (2011/2012) 

Josh and Noelene's Wedding Quilt

Bo's Farm Fresh Baby Quilt  - hand stitching close-ups 

Hugs and Kisses Wedding Quilt for Alyssa and Tyler

90 Squares of a Curious Nature (a 90th birthday quilt) for Uncle Reg

Plus Quilt for Luke

Quilt for Robert


Quilt for Juliet - Madrona Road Challenge Quilt

A Plus Quilt for Nora

Claire's Farm Fresh Quilt

Oink-A-Doodle-Moo Quilt No. 1
(For Andrew, Josh and Noelene's baby born August 2013)

Granny Square Legacy Quilt for Hannah

A Baby Star Quilt for Leah


4 Oink-a-Doodle-Moo Baby Bear Paw Quilts

Quilt Finishes (2014) was a bust

Quilt Finishes (2015)

Linked – A Wedding Quilt for Grant and Robyn

Counting Stars – A Wedding Quilt for Helena and Mathew   

Baby Boy Circle Quilts and Baby Girl Circle Quilts

East - West - Home is Best - A Quilt for Alexa



Blue/Green/Ash Quilt for Alanna  - pattern and fabrics  - Progress

Yo-Yo Quilt for ME ... maybe.  I've made 600 of the approximate 1200 I need.

White and Black Handkerchief Quilt  for Hannah

Child Sized Vintage Hankie Quilt for Charlie   - hand quilting

Brrr! Baby Quilt


  Lined Drawstring Bags   - Test Bag

Two more bags   - Another two   - A bunch of lined drawstring bags

Co-op Mug Rugs - Recognizing The International Year of Co-operatives, 2012 (for my colleagues)

Mug Rugs for Mom and Auntie Anne


Seven Wonders Table Runner for Matt

Table Runner for Carol

My Modern Quilt Guild Name Tag ... with apologies for my truly awful embroidery. What's with that "r" already? *sigh* Someday I'll try another one.

A Slab Block for Alberta Flood Victims 2013

Two Coiled Rope Vessels - one for a quilt guild gift and the smaller one for Matt

Other Maker Projects 2014

Raspberry Kisses Mini Quilt for Kim

Raspberry Kisses Mini Quilt for Patti (Retired to Quilt) for our Christmas Gift Exchange

Flying Geese Table Runner for Lynn & Darrel

My Traveling Quilt Starter Block (Zodiac Theme - Aquarius)

Jaclyn's Traveling Quilt (Seasons Theme - I added Flying Geese for October)

Lisa's Traveling Quilt (Colour Palette of Salmon, Yellow, Grey, Black - I added arrows in November)

 A Doll Quilt for Juliet

Oven Mitts for Carol and Patio

Oven Mitts for Hannah and Dani and Dani's Mom, Susan

Other Maker Projects 2015

Traveling Quilt Block for Sheila - Rainbow Dresden

Traveling Quilt Block for Julie - Houses for a Neighbourhood Quilt

Log Cabin Blocks for Sonya's Traveling Quilt 

Churn Dash Block for Kim's Traveling Quilt

Personality Colours Block for Kelly's Traveling Quilt

Pebbles on Sand Blocks for Carly's Traveling Quilt

Trees for Bev's Traveling Quilt

Gumball / Jawbreaker for the SMQG Charity Quilt

Prismatic Medallion Mini Quilt for Sonya

Denyse Schmidt Christmas Tree Mini Quilt for SMQG Gift Exchange

Mug Rugs / Snack Mats for Student Library Assistants


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    1. Thanks so much, Govinda! So kind of you to stop by and leave such a nice comment!

  2. I love your color choices and all the modern layouts! very refreshing! I like the hanky quilts too. I've got a bunch I've been wondering what to do with...thanks for the inspiration!
    cheers, Claire W.

    1. Thanks for your kinds comments, Claire. I have stacks (I mean STACKS) of vintage handkerchiefs to make use of, too. I look forward to using them in more projects.

  3. If you are a slow quilter, then I would love to see what you could do as a fast quilter!! Your quilts are lovely.

    1. Thanks, Valerie! I DO hope I get a little quicker at this, though.