September 2, 2014

Back from Beyond with 4 Oink-A-Doodle-Moo Bear Paw Quilts

Let's just say I've been busy and leave it at that!

These 4 quilts have actually been finished for some time. All but the binding was finished in January of this year but it has taken me a very long time to finish hand sewing the binding on. As you might recall, I made a previous quilt with this fabric and was surprised to have so much left over. I then decided to make a Bear Paw Quilt but didn't take into account the directional fabric and ended up with all 4 of my bear paws going in the same direction. I LOATHE unpicking seams, so rather than undo a few short seams, I had the brilliant idea to just make 4 quilts instead! It ended up taking me much longer than I had expected, partly due to some mistakes in the pattern I was using, but ultimately, it's nice to have 4 baby quilts done!

Don't imagine you've seen the end of this fabric line, though. It never seems to end! I STILL have enough left to make at least another quilt or two!

While I haven't been very productive in 2014, I have been doing some quilting lately. I have a Riley Blake Challenge quilt top finished and a wedding quilt top done. I hope to post photos of those soon. I have to make a mini-quilt for another quilt guild member in September, so I'd better get cracking. I have a wedding quilt I want to finish for November and another to make for February 2015. And then there are all the other projects I want to make for people I love. SO MANY! 

One of my next posts, though, will be to show off something I'm VERY excited about! Kevin and I made a trip to Edmonton last weekend. To IKEA. I can't wait to show everyone! Soon!

One of the quilts has been gifted so far. This sweet little guy is my friend Berny's grandson. I think he likes it!

Addendum - September 22, 2014

A 2nd quilt in this collection of 4 has been gifted. This one has goes to Keaton. He and his Mom and Grandma stopped by for a visit today.


  1. I love the Bear Paw pattern and it looks so great in these fabrics and colours! And now you have four! Great job!

  2. I love the print you used as a border - it's what sold me on that fabric too. We have a grain farm and that print includes a windmill which we also have and (kinda) identifies our farm.
    Your quilts turned out really well and your cute little model shows gives us an idea of scale.

  3. I really enjoyed your blog.