September 4, 2014

A Quilt Studio For Me! At Last!

Sorry, Luke, but your bedroom is no longer your bedroom. It is now a magnificent quilt studio and I love it!

Last weekend we road tripped to IKEA in Edmonton and I bought what I needed for a stellar quilt studio! I bought a kitchen island to serve as a cutting table. I love the storage shelves on one side and the space for bar stools on the other (I will reserve a drawers for bar supplies, of course). I bought a sewing table/set of drawers combination and, of course, the famously irresistible little turquoise cart! The chair I wanted wasn't in stock so it's on it's way. And I need to get a bar stool. I plan on making the wall behind my ironing board a design wall. I also can't wait to get my surprise mini-quilt at the end of the month. That wall space above my cutting table is screaming MINI QUILT!!  Everything else in the room I had already.

The best part is that the light in the room is fantastic! It's the best light in the whole house and it's ALL MINE!! I even sewed a bit in there yesterday morning ... in my pyjamas ... piecing a back for a wedding quilt ... and the room turned out to be MOST efficient! I'm so looking forward to spending time in there. Come and visit me and hang out!

Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild members ... note the book shelves. Here is the basis of your guild library. You are invited to come and peruse whenever I'm available. You might even want to schedule a regular visit before or after our monthly guild meetings since you'll be in the neighbourhood anyway.  I'm only 4 blocks away. One of the books I have on display is called "The Missing Piece" (haha) by Shel Silverstein. My kids loved that book when they were little.

Thanks, Kevin, for all the assembly work you did to make me such a happy quilter! Thanks to my splurge pals, too! I used two years worth of my splurge $$ to put this room together. I will think of you when I'm in it!

Do I have to tell you how much I love my quilting studio? I do love it! I really, REALLY do! And that little cart makes me smile. A lot.


  1. Oh, Heather! Your sewing room looks fabulous! Wishing you many hours of enjoyable sewing!

  2. How awesome! You're inspiring me to get busy.

  3. Congratulations! That is a dream studio. May you create many wonderful objects in that space.

  4. What a beautiful, sunny space for creating. You'll really appreciate the great lighting in the winter !

  5. Love that Ikea cutting table, maybe they should market it that way. It is so fun having a room for all ones' stuff and organized so pretty. Can't wait to see the beautiful quilts that come out of there

  6. I, too, will have a studio like this one day. I even have a turquoise trolley, still packed away, until that day! What a happy place you have created! Don't forget to how us your new chair too, when it arrives!

  7. I like that cart and especially the color! That would look so good in my sewing space. Even though you live in Canada and I live in the USA, could you tell me where you got it or if it has a brand name on the cart so I can see if I can find a similar cart here? Thanks.