September 2, 2013

My New Favourite Quilting Tool

This little wooden wheelie thing has turned out to be the handiest dandiest thing to have right by my sewing machine.

I've been preparing myself to sew curves sometime soon and I had heard good things about the "curve master foot" so I ordered one. I know I could have borrowed Carly's (thanks, Carly) and given it a whirl but I decided to commit. In the video I watched about how to use the foot, they recommended flattening the curved seams with this wooden wheel instead of an iron because the heat of an iron can distort the fabric. Apparently the wheel doesn't.

So, my curve master foot, the accompanying tweezers (for holding the ends of the fabric so they stay straight while going under the needle), and this wooden wheel arrived in the mail. Honestly, I was shaking my head at the wooden wheel tool! What a sucker I am! I doubted I would use it.

Cut to my sewing over some regular ordinary seams and as the seams are approaching the needle and passing under my fingertips, some of them don't feel very flat. Since the wooden wheelie thing was sitting right there, I had the brilliant idea to try running it over the seams instead of just using my finger. AND, let me tell you, I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW FLAT THAT SEAM GOT!! Say, what??!! It is now one of my favourite tools. It makes those seams flat as pancakes! I found it especially handy when sewing the little pinwheels, as seen in the photo. As the bulky seam gets near the needle, I just give it a little run over with the wheel first.

So there you have it, my new favourite sewing thingamajig. Upon googling, I find it's called a "seam roller". You can find it here.
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  1. It's funny because I almost never use my CurveMaster foot! I've since taken to using my 1/4"-er instead - lol! I might have to get one of those rollers though... :-)

  2. I never heard of a Curve Master foot before, but it looks very useful. Where can I order one?

    1. I tried to reply but you're a "no-reply commenter" so I can't email you. If you stop by again, here's the link to where I got my curve master foot and the roller wheel thing ...

    2. On that website, they should use your picture of the roller. It is much better than their grainy one.

  3. That wooden wheelie thing AKA - wallpaper seam roller - I have owned one for years but never had it in my sewing room

  4. I have a dough roller I bought from Pampered Chef years ago but I rarely use it. I'm pulling it out of the cupboard and raking it to my sewing room. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Were can u buy them & how much are they

  6. As Cindy said: "Wallpaper seam roller". Mine is 40 yrs or more. Wallpaper or paint store.