September 2, 2013

Girly Farm Fresh Baby Quilt - Finally a Finish!

I've been handquilting this little quilt forever. There's no excuse. I did get faster but it still took me a very long time. I finished the binding in the car on the way to Edmonton this summer and finished the decorative stitching along the edge of the binding on the way home. I do love a road trip.

I won this fabric a few years ago and I've been able to make two baby quilts from it. I made both quilt tops at the same time … the summer I first attempted quilting … and I finished the 1st Farm Fresh quilt (a boyish one) a couple of years ago. It looks pretty much the same as this one but has a green dimpled minky backing, green perle cotton hand quilting and no flowery fabric in it. You can see it here.  In the bottom photo you can see one row where I got muddled and did a double row of stitching instead of a single row.

This one has more hand quilting using perle cotton and has a rhubarb coloured dimpled minky backing. On the first one I used batting but on this one I used a layer of white flannel, which made the hand quilting a lot easier.

I still have to wash this one but wanted to get photos while the day was right ... AND ... before I can wash it I have to do a little fix. I see that my binding didn't catch all the fabric in a couple of places on the front. Beginner mistake, I think. I'll know better next time, I hope. I now have to do a little stitching before I can throw it in the machine.

And then I can finally send this off to Claire, the little girl I made it for. She just turned two. Yup … I'm a slow quilter. That's for sure.

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  1. That's absolutely gorgeous -- I love the big square with the cow! The hand quilting looks great, too.

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