January 2, 2016

Traveling Quilt Blocks

During the last half of the year, while I didn't get much real sewing done, I did finish a couple of blocks for some of our quilt guild's Traveling Quilt Group A. This is the last of them. Next up is for everyone to finish their quilts. My quilt top is finished and now I need to quilt and bind it. Hopefully soon ... after I learn to use Lucy (the longarm quilting machine at Periwinkle) that individuals with the requisite training can book time on.

I made trees for Bev's traveling quilt. If I hadn't been so rushed, I think I might have redone the block on the left. The one one the right looks much more tree-like to me. Sorry about the one on the left, Bev.

I made this block for Kelly. We could make any block but we had to use colours that suited our personalities based on a chart she supplied.

I made some "pebbles in the sand" for Carly's traveling quilt, using her requested colour palette.

Churn Dashes for Kim's traveling quilt. 

Here is what I was adding to for Kim's quilt.

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  1. Love the traveling quilt concept. Kim's is going to be awesome!