January 2, 2016

The Mystery Quilt That I Started in July

I had the best of intentions this year and I only just got started this summer before my life got hijacked, after which I seriously lost my quilting mojo. I hope I have it back because I have projects to do! I have to say, I really loved sewing at the lake. I might have to plan a little sewing retreat for next summer.

This is the quilt project I had hoped to finish last summer but I only got started. Stay tuned. It's really outside my comfort zone and I'm not so sure about it but am eager to see how it comes together.

There was lots of cutting involved and Mom helped me with the chain piecing while we were at the lake cabin this summer.

The trimmings from HSTs are almost pretty enough to eat!

Doesn't this look like a happy place to be?

And then this happened ... a little unplanned pericarditis (an infection of the fluid around my heart). It really took the wind out of my quilting sails for quite some time. I don't recommend it! Not one bit!! I kept the photo very small so as not to be too graphic. Just sail on by!

But ... when you're not well, your quilting friend brings you cupcakes!

Stay tuned! This is the quilt project that I plan to be putting my energy into next.

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  1. Love reading about you working with your mom on a project. And so thankful that you made it through your illness and are excited to get back into quilting, Heather. Happy New Year!