October 15, 2014

A 25th Anniversary Quilt

My Mom made this quilt for my brother's and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary. That would have been about 12 years ago now. She did almost all the embroidery by herself but she sent blocks out to everyone on both sides of the family and asked them to design their own quilt blocks. Then she did the embroidery on most of them. She's very good.

I did my own block. At the time I wasn't a quilter. I was only a quilt dreamer. I chose to do a crazy quilt block using the fabrics and embroidery threads Mom had selected. I didn't really know what I was doing because not only was I not a quilter, I wasn't much of an embroiderer either. I'd done some when I was younger but not much.

My block wasn't actually crazy pieced, by the way. I chose a crazy piece layout and then appliqued on the pieces of patterned fabric leaving enough white spaces for the details. The fun part, though, was doing all the crazy embroidery. I referred to online instructions and overall, I think I did pretty good for a first-timer. I enjoyed adding the beading, as well. Again, thank you Google.

Since I was at my brother's place this weekend for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (thanks, Lynn and Darrel), I took advantage of the opportunity to get a few photos of the quilt.


  1. The quilt your Mom made is incredible, truly a labor of love. I can't imagine how many hours went into that ! Kudos to you for getting that table runner made. I'd still be thinking about it,lol !
    Our neighbors last name is Kerr but probably no relation to you. They immigrated from Czechoslovakia 30 or so years ago.

  2. Beautiful quilt, Heather, and your block is fabulous!

  3. There was a quilter in there screaming to come out!! What a beautiful block. I am uber impressed!! The whole quilt (or at least what you've shown here) blows me away!!