February 25, 2014

A Baby Star Quilt for Leah – A 2013 Finish

It's taken me a while to photograph and deliver this little quilt but honest, I finished it in 2013. Legit. I only delivered it to Leah, though a little while ago but before her first birthday, which is the same day as my husband Kevin's. Yes, he gave her her first pair of shoes, in case you were wondering. As we understand it, if a baby is born on your birthday, you have to give her or him their first pair of shoes.

This quilt is made from a charm pack of Coquette, some Kona White and some pink floral patterned Minky for the backing. I used an unidentified aqua fabric from my stash for the binding. Push came to shove for me with baby quilts in 2013 so I eventually dumped 5 of them off with Lynette who does long-arm quilting for me. Minky is so troublesome to run through my machine that even the contemplation of quilting with it myself is stressful so I gave myself a break and let Lynnette take care of it. She did a sweet all-over floral with variegated thread on this one.

I took photos both outside on a sunny day after a fresh snowfall and indoors. It's difficult to get good quality quilt photographs in my house, especially in winter.  All of my photos of Leah with her quilt are quite badly out of focus. Either she or me was in way too much motion to get a good still photo, but I posted the best of them anyway – Leah, her Mom and her Grandma with the quilt.

Enjoy the show!


  1. A delightfully sweet quilt for an equally sweet little lady! Well done!

  2. what a nice collection of colors and shapes. This really turned out nicely !
    I just came back from a quilting class I took in Edmonton and thought you might be interested in the information if you hadn't already heard about this place:
    I took the pantograph class and really enjoyed it.