December 1, 2013

Hand Stitched Coiled Rope Vessels

I saw these (with a good tutorial) at The Red Thread blog and I just HAD to try one. I LOVE the look of these. The tutorial is great. Very easy to follow.

Stitching this little container took me about 3 movies on Saturday. I have always liked hand stitching and the only supplies needed are some embroidery threads, a larger than average needle, and some cotton rope. I found the size used in the tutorial at Home Depot. I'd wanted to try a thicker rope, too, but Home Depot only had this size in cotton. I'm going to continue looking for a larger size.

This little container was given today as a Christmas gift at our Modern Quilt Guild "Sewcial". My feeling is that anyone who thoroughly enjoys hand stitching binding  onto a quilt (and so many of us do) will also enjoy making these.

I'll definitely make more of these. I want to make a shallow one to keep on my bedside table to hold earings I forget to take off until I lay my head on the pillow.

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  1. Now wouldn't that make a great 'knitting' bag - to hold the yarn in place! Gotta try some of those!