May 15, 2015

Baby Boy Circle Quilts

You will have seen the baby girl circle quilts I recently finished. Since I didn't know if the 2 upcoming babies would be boys or girls and since my fabric stash wasn't feeling "gender neutral", I opted to make 2 boyish and 2 girlish quilts ... just in case ... It never hurts to have baby quilts in the vault. In fact, both my two adult children and I like these circle quilts so much that 1 boy and 1 girl circle quilt will be going into the *wink wink* DEEP vault. No pressure, kids. No pressure.

I cut 5" circles and 7" squares and just pinned a circle in the middle of a square, stuck a pin in to hold it, zig-zagged around the raw edge, pulled the thread ends to the back and knotted them for a neat finish, and voila. Easy as pie. It was fun picking out the fabrics and threads for these quilts.


As with the girly quilts, I quilted with my walking foot. I used a silvery grey Aurifil 50 weight thread on top and a yellow Aurifil 50 on the back. I'm amazed at how the silvery grey seems to behave like whichever colour it's with. I've heard tales of it's chameleon-like nature but it's amazing to see. I just sewed and sewed and sewed easy, organic wavy lines from side to side on each quilt. This was my first time quilting like this and I have really liked the effect. It was kind of fun, too. Liberating to just meander the stitches as I felt like.

The quilt backs are a yellow cotton and it's printed with white line drawings of cats and dogs.


The binding is a black and white check. I love it for the binding.

You might notice that one guilt is more "black and white" than the other. Just playing with fabrics and colour. It's good to switch things up a little.

I like to imagine these quilts as being not only kind of I-Spy-ish in design but, more than that, inspiration for the telling of stories, singing of songs and nursery rhymes, word and number play, making connections, and ... as babies get older ... for a tangle of "toddler twister" games.

Quilt Stats
Name: Baby Boy Circle Quilts (very original)
Size: 39" x 33" (37" x 32" washed)
Pattern: None - 5" circles and 7" squares in a 5x6 block arrangement
Fabrics: Various solids and prints from stash ... no particular fabric lines
Backing: Yellow and white dog and cat print (I don't remember the fabric line)
Binding: Black and white check
Quilting: Organic wavy lines using a walking foot 

And now that they're all washed, crinkly, and snuggly, and with the my childhood crib.

Here are the boy and girl quilts side by side - 4 in total.


  1. Love, love, love them! You and I are at the same place grand-baby-wise. Maybe I'll start stowing away super-adorable baby quilts! Can't hurt.

  2. Your baby quilts are adorable. A few years ago, I started a circle quilt...needed to get my machine serviced and never got around to finishing it. Since then, I have made several quilts for family members and keep thinking some day I will finish the my circle quilt. These pictures have inspired me to get those blocks out and finish my quilt. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts with us.