July 9, 2013

Summer Holidays. The Not Quilting Part

Summer means a trip to the farm and the lake where I spent my youth. I was too entrenched in card games to get lake photos it seems but here are a few at the farm. I always loved earth mosaics.

This may look like an outhouse but no, it's the entry to the root cellar. I do like weathered wood.

Believe it or not, this building beside the root cellar is "the shack", which is what we called my Grandpa and Grandma Kerr's little farm abode. I remember running from our house to the shack some mornings to have pancakes cooked on a little pot-bellied stove in the corner of this one-room little house. There was a bed in one corner, a little closet in another, a little stretch of counter and kitchen cupboards and a table and chairs under the window. And that was it. Cozy. It was just a summer farming house. My Dad grew up in Saskatoon but escaped to the farm as soon as he was old enough.

We skyped with Darrel and Lynn's grandson! 

I got to see my my nephew Dawson and niece Meghan and Darrel and Lynn's new pup, Bear.

And Darrel and Lynn's new trailer. Is there a rule that says once you become grandparents you get a trailer? It seems to be a trend. Or a rule.

We had a family BBQ to celebrate Luke's convocation. Luke's Granny made cakes and his cousin Alexa decorated them specially for him.

I made a "shrine to Luke's university graduation", which is typically what I do embarrass my kids from time to time.

My sister-in-law, Lynn, sent me this photo of a skinny tornado right behind their farm house. Yikes!

And, oh yeah, I walked in the Relay for Life with some good friends. Boooo cancer!

By the way, if you think some of these beauties share similar features ... good eye! "One of these things is not like the other. Three of these things are kind of the same". Three of them are sisters. I'll bet you guess right!
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  1. Wow! The trailer looks great. This is the perfect vehicle to use when your whole family is up for a long road trip. Everyone will surely have a good time since it offers great comfort. You can bond with other members of the family while you're on the road. Darrel and Lynn will most likely do some trailer upgrades in the future, so it could accommodate all of you.