July 9, 2013

Bathroom Reno Before and After

Before. Gotta admit, I'm going to miss these fixtures. I will always fondly remember that tub and sink and I do miss having the wood trim around the window. Now that we have a shower here, the wood trim just wasn't a great idea.

After. Tada!! There is still some work to be finished but we're waiting to get our linen cupboard that will be to the left of the sink. Once it's in, Kelly will add the rest of the wainscotting and continue the mother-of-pearl border around the whole bathroom. He did the short bit on the opposite wall, pictured below. He's done a fantastic job of everything.

We love the porthole medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware, the granite on the window sill and desk top, the mother-of-pearl tiles, the ceramic tile floors (heated for winter ... ooooo) and the vintage light fixture Kevin found on eBay. And we love that there's now a shower! Luke loves it, too.

And we're especially glad to NOT be living in a construction zone anymore! Not fun.

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  1. Holy cow -that looks amazing, Heather!! Wow. Can i come over for tea in your bathroom? :-)

  2. Gorgeous....I love it! And such a fresh feeling.

  3. Wow! Amazing makeover! From a teen-like bathroom into a more modern and mature one. Your new bathroom look is really pristine! The white color made it more look bigger and cleaner. And that table is such a lovely addition! Good job!
    Lida Swisher @ Waddle Exteriors

  4. Very nice bathroom :)