May 21, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Quilting, Part IV ...

… the main reason. We're still under construction. My house is still a disaster and my sewing machine, fabric, and other quilting tools are still covered in plastic. The dining room table I sew at has until recently been inaccessible. If I do a little shifting this weekend, I think I can set my machine up. I have some deadlines so … chop chop.

All winter up until only a few weeks ago, Kelly was able to use the snow as his work bench! Look how he carved out a little standing place at the front. This is where he did all his sawing. Only in Canada.

I know one would think from looking at these photos that we're doing a kitchen renovation, but OH NO!! We LOVE our kitchen! Who would want to change it one little bit??!! No, we're renovating our upstairs bathroom and, in order to update plumbing, wiring, and reinforce beams, the kitchen ceiling had to come down. I'm happy to say that the ceiling has since been put back up and the bathroom floor tiles are in and grouted! If anyone asks, I'm saying we DID renovate our kitchen. We got a new, bright white ceiling and, just to dress it up a bit, we added a couple of new light fixtures. Our fancy cupboards, though? They stay!

This is Kelly, our handy dandy renovator guy and good friend!

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