May 29, 2013

I Can't Quilt When There are Baby Showers to Attend, Can I?

I helped host a meet & greet in Warman for wee Juliet! Isn't she SWEEEET??!!

These are her proud parents, Alyssa and Tyler.

From left to right, Carol (Juliet's over the moon Nana), friend Pat, and Juliet's Auntie Helena. We put together the party at Carol's home. I think the table looks lovely! I made the pink bunting (banner ... pennants ... whatever it's called). I suggested to Alyssa that if she wants to string it up in Juliet's room she might want to glue photos of people and things that Juliet likes on each of the pennants.

We all worked on this cute (funny?) melon baby fruit platter. Fun stuff. I'd say it was a Pinterest success story.

Who knew hot glue would stick to a watermelon?!

I made this page for the front of a photo album or to fit into a frame. Guests wrote on a balloon and later they would be glued into place. Another idea seen on Pinterest.

Check out my Pinterest "Baby Shower Ideas" if you're "pinterested"!

I made this Juliet banner, too. I had sparkle glue from when Hannah was about 10 so, 15 years later, the sparkle glue still flowed nicely. Qu'elle suprise!

Carol framed these photos for Alyssa. The top photo is Carol and Alyssa as a baby. The bottom one is Alyssa as a Mom with Juliet. The pose wasn't even planned. Carol just saw the photo of Alyssa with Juliet and remembered having a similar one of she and Alyssa.

Alyssa's friend made these beautiful cupcakes and Pat made the cute "bouquets" of pink rice krispie pops in vases. Pink popcorn courtesy of Carol. Do you see the pink theme happening here?

There was a lot of passing the baby happening. Pat was able to snag Juliet for a little while. I think Juliet was most fascinated with Alan. Why not? We all are.

Honestly, the whole afternoon Juliet was awake and happy! I think she thoroughly enjoyed her party!

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  1. Beautifully presented baby shower, Heather!All that girly pink just has to make everyone happy. The star of the show is as cute as can be too! Had a good chuckle over the melon baby!

  2. She's so cute!! Looks like a lovely party. :-)

    Also, for "Who knew hot glue would stick to a watermelon?", I think you win the best phrase on the internet award for today. :-)